Our History

A Proud Local Business in the heart of Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Spanish Place is a Midwest business, which started together with Ohio locations in Cincinnati in 2004, Cleveland in 2011 and Columbus in 2017. A local entrepreneur was looking for Spanish classes for his daughter but couldn’t find any established academy that could fill this need. So he partnered with our first director from Mexico with the objective of providing Spanish instruction to both children and adults in a small, community setting.

We pride ourselves on offering a full immersion learning setting, which is the only tried and true way to help your brain think in Spanish.

Our Office in Rucker Rd.

Our Director Diana Mosquera

We offer adult classes of all levels each night of the week, along with private and corporate classes. We also offer programming for children at our Rucker Rd. location and through area schools. We’ve since expanded to offer translation services, interpretation, ESL, and more!

We’ve undergone expansion and many changes over the years, but one thing has never changed – our commitment to offering quality, IMMERSION instruction to children and adults in a small, conversational setting at reasonable prices with native, experienced teachers. We hope you’ll come see what we’re all about!

Our Values & Methodology

Our Core Values

  • Quality

    For both children and adult classes, we offer a carefully planned curriculum with experienced, native instructors who conduct classes using the immersion methodology.

  • Affordability

    We want Spanish to be accessible to all, and we reflect this in our prices. Group classes are $16 per hour, and private class fees can be shared with a partner or small group.

  • Comfort

    We offer an informal, welcoming setting with small groups. Our students get to know their instructor and classmates so that the learning process is enjoyable and so that students can learn from each other.

  • Balance

    Learning should be fun and engaging, and that’s exactly what you’ll find with us. Although the immersion style of learning is challenging, we promise you’ll laugh more than you cry!

Our Teaching Methodology

  • Immersion

    Students are taught Spanish in Spanish and are given the tools to help them interpret the language as they experience it. This is the only tried and true method to learn to THINK in Spanish!

  • Conversational

    Although grammar and written work are important, they are a small portion of what it takes to actively learn a language. Our classes are focused on understanding and speaking Spanish.

  • Activity-based

    Students actively participate, discovering the language rather than passively learning by memorization or a grammar book. Age-appropriate activities for either adults or children are a part of every class.

  • Application

    We equip students to do everyday tasks in Spanish, such as going to school, ordering food, shopping, traveling, attending parties, etc. Our dynamic methods help students become part of the language and culture.

Meet Our Team

We are so pleased to have a brilliant and dedicated team consisting of our Director, Marcela Salgar, and our Instructors for both children and adults.

Meet our friendly, highly professional, and fun group of teachers from all around the globe!!

Do you want to be part of this fantastic team and share your language and culture with your fellow residents in the Columbus area? Join our team now!!


What Parents Say

What Our Adult Students Say

“The teachers are absolutely AMAZING! After just one class, my daughter had learned so much. They keep the class so fun and it’s very interactive, keeping the attention of all of the children. I honestly can’t say enough wonderful things about this place! You will NOT be disappointed! ”Veronica Fischer, parent
“My son began the year hating the idea of going to Spanish class. After two weeks of classes, he actually said he couldn’t wait for Monday and Thursday because he had Spanish. He comes after every class with new words to teach us. It is great to see him excited about it. Thank you – it is making his entire year better!”Jenny Wagner, parent
“The teacher is energetic upbeat, patient, caring, and overall just fun to be around. As much as I love him, I think the children may love him even more! They talk about him all week in anticipation of his arrival, and they are fully attentive when he’s there. His time with them is engaging, exciting, and most importantly developmentally appropriate. The parents love that their children are actually speaking Spanish words at home. I am so happy with him and everything he’s brought into our classroom. Thank you!”Indya Benton, preschool teacher
“Teachers are very patient and provide an environment very conducive for learning. The options to practice in class are amazing. Each student has a lot of time to speak with other students and with the teacher, which allows for correction. The immersion classes are amazing because they force you to listen and concentrate.”Hugh Gloster - Student

“Here the classes are small, so your turn to speak comes around more frequently and you get more personalized attention. I like the fact that the teachers are from different Spanish speaking countries because you get different accents.”Scott Albert - Student

“Having native teachers makes the most sense for me, there is a cultural aspect that shines through. I think the balance between having fun and learning is crucial. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I really like learning Spanish, so I’m having a blast!”Daniel Klemmer - Student

Our Partners